Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011.06.23 Bursting With Style

I am on a silent retreat this week and there is noise and clattering joy all around me. It is the liturgy of the natural world doing a shout-out for Creator Godde.

Goldfinches dart and swoop in and out of the Lupine.

A tiny redbreast catches my eye as I gaze into a shrub. He is the first baby out of the nest peering peeping to the world in which he will soon fly up.

A topiaried tree leans toward its neighbor. Wait. Look. The two have two trunks but one has leaned into the other's branched topping so they are one. They have merged and as my eye travels up I see an explosion of new growth. A completely other tree, one we would call a Christmas tree, soars upward.

I am not making this up. (I understand why St.Paul wrote this as he struggled to define grace—the indescribable look and feel of divine creativity.)

It smells like lilacs, is the color of new grass, and tastes like the finest red wine accompanied by deep dark real chocolate.

And Godde said to Abram and Sarai. Go forth! Choose life!

And they went.

And from them grew nations and scriptures and a people of covenant blessing.

And God said to Jesus. Go forth! And he went.

And from his healing and teaching grew gratitude and new life for all. And when Jesus hung dying, then dead, and could no longer go forth or sing or pray, could not choose life Godde did it for him.

The beauty of Holiness is the same for humanity as it is for nature. A shout-out!

And Godde says to me, Go forth and Choose life. And I open all my senses and my pores and taste goodness and touch the sky.

It's raining so I grab my umbrella, grouse, then I go forth.

As I go I shout to Godde, Go forth and strut your stuff. Be Aslan. Rush. Hurl wisdom into all souls. Fling your word far, far, far. This is no time for anonymity or letting be. Make lots of noise. Burst with style. Shout out with all your might. Go!

Todo en el aire is pájaro.

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