Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011.05.18 Covenant Daughter

I know a wondrous girl who is smart and clear-minded. She will be a good business woman some day. She is already a daughter of the God who makes covenants agreements with faithful people to establish and assure the steadfastness of mutual promises of faith and grace.

After meeting the man her divorced mother had been dating for the first time she told her mother that she liked this man.

Later she summoned her mother to her room to announce that she had made a contract.

Her mother asked what for and the girl replied that it was a contract with the new man.

The contract read: “If you break my Mommy’s heart I will break yours.”

This girl has a voice with heart.

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Emily said...

smart kid negotiator already! did she get him to sign something too?! xo, em