Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011.02.27 Your Preferred Spiritual Posture

IF you saw and really believed that God by whatever name you call Her suddenly appeared in the flesh and stood before you smiling would you:

fall on your face prostrate before the grandeur of God?
jump for joy, toss boundaries out the window, and rush into His open arms?
bow your head and create a little steepled “church,” hands in prayer-pose
drop to your knees in reverence?
smile in return, cock your head, and wait?
drop to one knee and genuflect as you speedily cross yourself?
burst into song?
turn and run?
shout OMG! and open your arms?
head for the “hills?”

Your body doesn’t lie. It usually leads the way. What is your preferred spiritual posture, the way your body responds before you think too much?

OK...... so many of you, especially if you are Anglo-Episcopalians, will say, “It depends...” On what? Your mood? The weather? What your neighbor will see if she’s looking out the window? Your actual physical capacity?

I learned this wisdom long ago and didn’t trust it, because I thought I had more control, and I told myself I behaved differently with God than with my neighbors:


Check it out.

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Anonymous said...


This made me think. It put me in mind of a line from one of Jan Karon's Mitford novels, when Fr. Tim is saying that God does not come to us begging, but to approach boldly, as children of the King.

I certainly don't do this very well, and I definitely don't do it in my social interactions with others. But now I'm wondering why? Why be apologetic and diffident most of the time?

Thank you for this post!

Peace and blessings,