Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Tortoise and the Hare

Recently I’ve been aware of a racy restless tension roiling around inside my soul as well as my gut. I’m impatient. time is more finite than I’ve ever experienced it before. And, though I’m not old, I’m getting old anyway.

There are days I wonder if even Godde can keep up with me!

My questions of the day to myself is: Do I have too much hare energy and not enough tortoise energy in my fuel tank? Do I have too much hare wisdom and not enough tortoise wisdom commandeering my mind?

Then I look around me and wonder if the whole culture, at least in my northeastern corner of the states is over-hared and under-tortoised. People honk when it‘s obvious that the line of traffic can not move. I don’t see much meandering along the streets. People on the subways hang their sleepy heads in exhaustion at the end of the day. Kids seem over-programmed. When do they play?

I have no good answers except the usual bromide about getting balanced. I love my hare and I love my tortoise, BOTH.

Today I will try to remember my tortoise and praise her for her slow steadiness of spirit. They say she wins the race, but I don’t think that’s really true. The hare can win if she’d take a second to stop and kiss the tortoise, maybe take a minute to stand on her back to view the scenery and come back to check on her progress. And the tortoise could pick it up a little too.

Then again they could travel together and cross the finish line of whatever together.

And what if there isn’t even a race!?


Ardis said...

I love your word usage here, Lyn. I am convinced, though, that it is not a matter of speed but of rhythm, or pace. I used to have only 2 and stop, fearing that I needed to use hare-energy quickly before it ran out. That's a little like speeding up when running out of gas in order to get to a gas staion quickly. For most of my life, PACE was a four letter word. I would utter it with as much contempt as other infectives. As I age I am coming to understand the holiness of pacing. As I release resistence to tortoise energy, I begin to experience the holiness that the turtle knew and that the hare would never know, even if she "won the race". Today I embrace the 'rhythm method' to win the race.

Lyn G. Brakeman said...

I love your wise words Ardis. Thanks.And the hare does run out of fuel after all in the actual legend I think.It's why we say "Slow and steady wins the race." Turtle wisdom is just right for my energy system too. What do you do after all if someone or something flips you on your back?— struggle like mad and waste energy or wait pray and trust until some kind little child comes along, says 'poor turtle' and flips you back over so you can get on your way with gratitude?