Sunday, March 15, 2015

2015.03.22 For the Love of a Sloth

While walking in the park on a beautiful sunny day, the air as crisp as blue, I spotted a snail obstructing my path. Seriously? How could such a tiny critter arrest my attention so completely?    I’d never seen a snail, except curled up safely inside its lovely striped shell or on a restaurant plate as a delicacy. Now here was one, opened out and moving, her minuscule body stretched out in front and in back of the shell’s closure, and all her wee feet milli-inching along. I stopped to watch her journey, fascinated by attributes I admire, such as diligence and determination. Undaunted, this critter was on the move. On the move might be an exaggeration.

I called a passerby to look with me. She was amazed. She had never seen a snail on the move before.We exclaimed together while I took some photos of the snail, whom I quickly named Swifty.  I stayed for a while to watch. This was her coming-out party, I figured. I snapped another photo, gave her a little blessing, and wished her well.

Here’s Swifty herself. She is a modest soul, full of gumption and sure to be stepped on by one of the many walkers and players who sport about in the park.